The Ordinary charm! 

It’s been a while since I posted anything but I’ve been proper out of energy this past month and I apologise for being so absent to those who care. But I’m back with some brilliant review.

I’ve been using some really extraordinary products from deciem’s ordinary line and it just needs to be applauded. I mean dude who thought something so cheap could actually work. I mean the cosmetic and skincare companies have us thinking that only money can buy you good quality skin care and then comes this Ordinary brand with a sledgehammer and bashes that idea out of your head! I love it.

I bought products that I thought my skin needed like the Alpha Arbutin 2% for my PIH and niacinamide 10% for curiosity, their azaleic acid and magnesium ascorbate sulphate to try out and pure argon oil. I’ve been using alpha arbutin since May 4th and believe me initially I thought it’s meh but 4 weeks later the difference is amazing I feel so much more confident leaving the house without concealer! During this time however I had a change of diet and environment and my skin didn’t react well and I had few breakouts and that led me to using the niacinamide over the problem areas, and guys one drop of that over the spots or congested area made all the difference with in days. I’m serious I’m already ordering the alpha arbutin and niacinamide so I’m never out of them. I will add a before after photo of both sides of my face 3 1/2 weeks apart so guys be kind to me.

Pictures don’t really come out that clear it’s my iphones selfie camera but you can still see the improvements. My right side has always been a bit more problematic but it’s come a long way.

My routine is still the same with my neem soap and salicylic acid toner then the AA and niacinamide then my antipodes oil or cream for AM/PM.  I also bought their NIOD flavanone mud mask but I’ve only tried it thrice but it does give me the clean feel and any bumps waiting to erupt weirdly go away overnight.

As for the magnesium and Azaliec acid I haven’t really tested them properly to give you an honest review as honestly I can’t seem to figure out a way to incorporating them without overdoing it!

I got my ordinary products from ASOS! They are honestly the most affordable products I’ve used for my skin and I’m glad they delivered results.


Yay for Neem!

Hello dearies!! Hope you all are having a wonderful time with yourselves, family, hair, skin and everything else you care about. Today I write about a very unexpected find of mine that has honestly trumped my fears of soaps. Yes, you read it right, soaps! 

If you’ve read my past posts then you know I like to adhere to my skincare routine and because of the nature of my skin, shy away from trying new things. But trying a different cleanser has been on the to do list for a while since the Alpha H was alright but I just didn’t think it was making any difference to my skin. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very gentle and pleasant cleanser. I just wasn’t getting the wow factor once I’d wipe it off. So I’ve been doing some research about natural herbal remedies for cleansing and wasn’t too keen on going back to just oil cleansing (will write about that soon), and I stumbled upon the Neem remedy. 

I remembered having some neem oil concoction put into my hair when I was young as us Asians love oiling and caring for our hair but I hadn’t really seen anyone use it on their skin. So thanks to my curiosity, one thread led to another and another led to this and that article and so on and so forth. Enter, Neem soap. I was worried of trying soaps as in the past they have done nothing but dry my skin and I just didn’t want that tight dry feeling but only that clean and fresh bright look after you wash your face. Apparently neem is good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis which I have on my hands so trying it out seemed like the way to go. It’s anti fungal, antibacterial and has natural insecticidal properties. 

I’ve Been using it for just about a month now twice a day for my face and though my fingers still have eczema, my face is not red anymore. The rosacea flares that I use to get didn’t happen this time around at that time of the month I had one, I repeat, one spot on my cheek and chin and they too weren’t angry at me for being a woman. Now I will say that it might be my hormones just being in check or whatever but I did satiate my sugar cravings with cakes and biscuits etc so I was expecting a whole lot of explosions this month but no, it was all actually OKAY. The rest of my routine is the same, my Paula’s choice exfoliant and antipodes Devine face oil for day and the pear night cream for night. This is the only change I’ve made and let me tell you for a fraction of a price of my alpha H cleanser too. 

The first time It felt a bit itchy after use which I realised was over my chin where I had healing spots. Also, this does have a very strong smell which I’m use to now but first timers, beware. Once I had moisturised that itchiness went away. I remember being afraid that I would break out from it or something else will go wrong but it didn’t. Day after day I started noticing the improvement. Even the days I wore makeup I didn’t get a spot or a clogged pore.  I still use my oils to remove makeup and then second cleanse with this. The clogged pores that I did have eventually came up and within days went away without scarring. I will reiterate that moisturising is important even if you’re oily.  Now I can’t say if it’s this soap that’s helped my old scars and blemishes or this new serum I’ve added (review that in a few weeks) but I have seen a major improvement. I’m sure it’s a combination of all the things I’m using as all of them have healing properties but since using this soap I do have a brighter look to my face. 

The brand I chose was Theraneem and it cost under £9 with delivery. Oh and I cut up like an inch thick slice from it to put in the soap dish instead of the whole bar, and I’m still not through so this whole bar of soap is going to last me at least 3 months with daily use. 

I bought some neem capsules to try for my eczema and will be using them soon. Will see if that will help as maybe an internal aid would be better for it then just an external. So guys give it a go, I mean it’s an inexpensive almost natural cleansing method which may be the answer to your skin woes. Till next time. 

Roasted Garlic & Parsley Wedges 

Hello my dearies!! So today is a bit of a tummy happy post as I just thought I need to share this really easy recipe that makes a delicious side to left over curry, sandwiches or roast from last night. I know that like me many of us don’t have time to be standing over a stove and making elaborate meals for lunch especially if you have kids around  to protect from themselves! And sometimes we just want something nice to eat too other then microwave meals, frozen pizzas and all the other quick fixes for lunch we have to resort to. 

So here is a really easy one for you guys who love fries but are tired of the frozen same cut boring ones from the superstores. 


  • Potatoes or sweet potatoes cut into wedges (I left the skin on) 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter/margarine 
  • 1 whole garlic 
  • Dried or fresh parsley whichever is available 
  • Olive oil 
  • Salt and pepper to taste   


  1. Wash and cut your potatoes into wedges trying to keep them all equal in size so they cook evenly ( I don’t bother as I’m in a rush anyway) 
  2. Take the whole garlic and chop the stem off enough to expose the tip of all the individual garlic pieces inside. Leave the skin on and wrap it in foil after you drizzle a tiny dash of olive oil. 
  3. Season your wedges with salt and pepper and olive oil. I add a bit more salt as we aren’t using many spices. 
  4. Spread them out on a baking tray along the garlic packet and bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked at 200 degrees celcius. Make sure to flip them half way. 
  5. Once done, take out the garlic from the foil and squeeze out all the soft roasted garlic out of its skin. In a saucepan add the butter, squeezed, roasted garlic, and parsley and cook for about 5-8 mins depending on how thick you want your dressing. 
  6. Add it to your wedges, mix and enjoy. 

Now I know there are so many recipes like this out there, as I didn’t invent this at all but rather used the same garlic sauce recipe I use for salmon and just added it to my potatoes. Give it a go guys as really you let the oven do the job while you can attend to your many jobs around the house.  Till next time xx 

Manuka Miracle 

Hello dearies.. I’ve been a bit lazy with the posts due to this crappy flu I’ve been struggling with so please accept my apologies.

Anyway, because I’ve been a bit unwell, my skin hasn’t been the best. It’s been dry, flaky and thanks to my crazy diet over the past week has had some minor breakouts on my cheeks (don’t we all just love skin issues). But I have stuck to my routine despite having zero energy at all. I realised my routine has been missing a feel good, glow enhancing, bringing my zombie skin back to life mask thingy. I remember doing a lot of DIY masks as I can’t seem to find one on the market that suits my sensitive acne prone skin.

So getting to the point before you snooze off reading this, I took a spoon and ceramic bowl and whipped up a Manuka honey/ turmeric mask! Simple as that, mix the two together and slap it on guys. I usually take a teaspoon full of Manuka honey and a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric as it usually stains the skin. Now this has so many benefits I mean to mention a few, these ingredients are anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, moisturising, and helps heal those life ruining red marks left to tell the tale of your zits even way past their demise.

I leave it on for about 30- 45 minutes unless my toddler starts freaking out looking at me, in which case I run and wash that stuff off to calm them. But yeah I always find my skin calmer, softer and definitely glowing afterwards. I’m actually wearing the mask as I write this today as it is a weekend and I have no more chores left from the endless list of chores! I did this last weekend too and hopefully will keep doing it once a week as I do want to lighten my pigmentation and just you know do something natural and good for the skin in general.  Plus I eat a tablespoon every time I’m ill or struggling with minor coughs and colds too and it always makes me feel better.

I bought my honey from Holland & Barret on a penny sale btw!! Let me know if any of you have tried this little recipe and any other DIY ideas you have. Till next post, stay positive xx

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid

Hello beauties!! I meantioned my skin care routine in the last post and so I thought I should elaborate on it a bit further for you all to get a better picture and review one very vital product I never skip on.

As I’ve mentioned I have sensitive skin that has episodes of Rosacea flare up (yes brown people can get it too,bummer) depending on how my body is feeling. If my hormones are acting up and I have not helped them by avoiding sugar, then my cheeks and chin flare up into this angry red bumpy war zone. Summer last year was the worst and that is what pushed me into investing in a chemical exfoliant. I had already tried my luck with glycolic acids (Alpha H) but it wasn’t doing much at all in terms of keeping my pores clean and skin calm. After a bit of research I stumbled upon Paula’s choice 2% BHA Liquid and decided to give it a go, I’ve not looked back since! This product has earned my faith, it’s this one thing I would take to a vacation up to the moon if I could. 

It’s main ingredient that works so well with my skin is the salicylic acid. Now you can google the difference between an AHA/BHA as there’s lots of good information around. But basically BHA works at a deeper level to clear out the gunk and keep your pores clear. 

It has stopped those awful clogged bumps you get usually in summer from the sweat and the makeup and everything we tend to smack on our faces for vanity. Even when I do breakout due to my awesome sugar lust, this contains them in size and within a few days I bid them farewell. This can be a tad bit drying but since I’ve incorporated the Devine face oil and the night cream I mentioned in my earlier posts, that’s not an issue anymore. I use this twice daily after cleansing with a mild cleanser, night and day. I try to stick to the routine and it’s been doing wonders in managing my skins temperament.

Now I didn’t see a change shortly after I started but it was rather a gradual but effective change over the period of 3 months. Seriously, this has to be my staple product and everything else works well because of this.  Try this over those harsher exfoliaters, it’s an easy step to add as well as it’s basically a toner. I got mine from Lookfantastic with a discount code so it wasn’t crazy expensive and plus it’s value for money as I still have half a bottle left even after using this twice a day for 8 months! 

Antipodes Avacado Pear Nourishing Night Cream 

I mentioned this product in my previous post and as promised here is my two cents about this jar of goodness!

All of my life I have steered clear of creams in general let alone night creams that tend to be nourishing. The reason was the fear of clogging my already easily clogged skin. But at 28 and finally gaining a bit of control over the skin issues I realised It was time to introduce a night cream for anti ageing benefits and the extras of course. Enter, antipodes night cream with avacado and pear. I bought this and the Devine face oil together but wanted to really give it a good 4 weeks or more to form an opinion.

I have honestly found myself getting excited to put this on every night without fail because I have seen the benefits unravel week after week. Do note that I have been using this in conjunction with a basic cleanser and a BHA toner and this follows as third and last step to my routine. In the morning it’s the oil that replaces this as my third and final step.

This is a thick cream and trust me you only need the tiniest amount depending how huge your face is-so a proportionate amount- to cover your whole face and neck. It smells like spa in a pot 😍. This puts back the right amount of moisture after my BHA (will be reviewing that soon) and I can safely say that my skin is healing faster. I have seen my skin tone even out drastically and those horrible scars around my chin are almost unnoticeable, bar one that I had picked and now it’s taking it’s sweet time.  Most importantly, it has NOT BROKEN ME OUT!! In fact it does the opposite and calms the redness overnight for any monsters lurking to come out.

So if you’re not a picker then seriously this cream will definitely aid the healing process of those mean, life wrecking, confidence shattering spots. I’m sure it’s the avacado and the Manuka honey in it or maybe the fact that it adds moisture back to your skin for it to balance and focus on restoring itself is whats doing the job. Regardless, I’m sold and won’t be experimenting with night creams at all as I have found one that ticks all the boxes. I should add that simplifying my skin care, in may last year, has helped to begin with as now I use 3 things for day and night that have targeted benefits and are gentle enough to use everyday. This and the oil were introduced a little over 5 weeks ago and have replaced the products in my last step.

It is a bit pricey at £32.99 but it’s worth it considering it’s organic, has natural ingredients and actually delivers what it claims. As for the anti ageing properties I can’t vouch for its benefits yet but in the long run if this delays my crows feet or fine lines than I’ll know for sure. I bought mine from Lookfantastic and they usually have 15 if not 20 percent off . If you do give this a go then do let me know how you get on.

Till next post xx


Thank you, New Zealand, the land of kiwis, Frodo Baggins And *drum roll* Antipodes!! This dark bottle with an attractive green packaging has brought me back to life from the dark colony of blemishes I was stuck in. Yes, I know you know how it feels to be struck with bad skin in your late 20s because we all believed in the biblical statement that bad skin is just for teenagers!! Well, it is not! So your first truth bomb hits you late in life and you after trying everything frantically from turning vegan to throwing acids on your face, to rubbing food on your face have come to accept your fate of just never having good skin again. Think again, because this oil honestly has been my tinker bell! And no I haven’t seen a miracle overnight but over three weeks of using this my skin has thanked me. Seriously, it’s yelling at me right now for being an idiot and not jumping on this whole all organic and natural bandwagon!

I honestly have little or no spots these days even during that Time of the month when my skin explodes, it’sIMG_0788 been very contained unless I binge on Oreos after a workout!! ( that is another story for another day) and the best part, the breakouts don’t leave a nasty dark mark anymore instead they’re lighter and are slowly fading away! That’s also due to my new pact of not picking them! But ya overall I’m really content with this oil it’s not sticky but weirdly hydrating without the oiliness *confused face*. FYI, I have combination skin, my chin area tends to be drier than the rest of my face and that only happened once I gave birth to my son last December. 

 If you’re looking for a light moisturizer with added benefits try this. We all have different skin chemistry but just give it a go and it might do you good like it did me. Honestly, it’s replaced my day cream completely. So give this Devine face oil a shot I mean Come on you’ve given all the craziness a try right!!!

Will be posting a review about their avocado and pear night cream. Spoiler alert: I love it!!!

Hello, Hola, bonjour and whatever!

I am wondering what to write as my first post. I know I should be giving you an overview of what this blog will be about but frankly, there is no particular theme to it. I want to be able to share my life with you guys, tell you guys of my experiences and all the things I have learned and somehow offer help.

I myself have learned the most from blogs and youtube channels, honestly, that’s been my go to information hub from my skin problems to advice on young toddlers! whenever I would purchase a new product I would find myself frantically googling reviews and more often than not I will always find one that would settle all my hellish worries of whether I made a mistake buying something or not. I mean we all want the assurance that we didn’t just waste our hard earned money on something bogus just because that beautiful blogger raved about it., right?

Whenever I would purchase a new product I would find myself frantically googling reviews and more often than not I will always find one that would settle all my hellish worries of whether I made a mistake buying something or not. I mean we all want the assurance that we didn’t just waste our hard earned money on something bogus just because of that beautiful blogger raved about it., right?

So this blog will consist of honest reviews and opinions, and the obviously perfect sense of levity. I will try and blog about everything be it a random experience on the subway, or the underground as they call it here in the UK.

With that my dearies I bid you farewell for now.  Watch this space for an in-depth review of Antipodes next.