Thank you, New Zealand, the land of kiwis, Frodo Baggins And *drum roll* Antipodes!! This dark bottle with an attractive green packaging has brought me back to life from the dark colony of blemishes I was stuck in. Yes, I know you know how it feels to be struck with bad skin in your late 20s because we all believed in the biblical statement that bad skin is just for teenagers!! Well, it is not! So your first truth bomb hits you late in life and you after trying everything frantically from turning vegan to throwing acids on your face, to rubbing food on your face have come to accept your fate of just never having good skin again. Think again, because this oil honestly has been my tinker bell! And no I haven’t seen a miracle overnight but over three weeks of using this my skin has thanked me. Seriously, it’s yelling at me right now for being an idiot and not jumping on this whole all organic and natural bandwagon!

I honestly have little or no spots these days even during that Time of the month when my skin explodes, it’sIMG_0788 been very contained unless I binge on Oreos after a workout!! ( that is another story for another day) and the best part, the breakouts don’t leave a nasty dark mark anymore instead they’re lighter and are slowly fading away! That’s also due to my new pact of not picking them! But ya overall I’m really content with this oil it’s not sticky but weirdly hydrating without the oiliness *confused face*. FYI, I have combination skin, my chin area tends to be drier than the rest of my face and that only happened once I gave birth to my son last December. 

 If you’re looking for a light moisturizer with added benefits try this. We all have different skin chemistry but just give it a go and it might do you good like it did me. Honestly, it’s replaced my day cream completely. So give this Devine face oil a shot I mean Come on you’ve given all the craziness a try right!!!

Will be posting a review about their avocado and pear night cream. Spoiler alert: I love it!!!


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