Antipodes Avacado Pear Nourishing Night Cream 

I mentioned this product in my previous post and as promised here is my two cents about this jar of goodness!

All of my life I have steered clear of creams in general let alone night creams that tend to be nourishing. The reason was the fear of clogging my already easily clogged skin. But at 28 and finally gaining a bit of control over the skin issues I realised It was time to introduce a night cream for anti ageing benefits and the extras of course. Enter, antipodes night cream with avacado and pear. I bought this and the Devine face oil together but wanted to really give it a good 4 weeks or more to form an opinion.

I have honestly found myself getting excited to put this on every night without fail because I have seen the benefits unravel week after week. Do note that I have been using this in conjunction with a basic cleanser and a BHA toner and this follows as third and last step to my routine. In the morning it’s the oil that replaces this as my third and final step.

This is a thick cream and trust me you only need the tiniest amount depending how huge your face is-so a proportionate amount- to cover your whole face and neck. It smells like spa in a pot 😍. This puts back the right amount of moisture after my BHA (will be reviewing that soon) and I can safely say that my skin is healing faster. I have seen my skin tone even out drastically and those horrible scars around my chin are almost unnoticeable, bar one that I had picked and now it’s taking it’s sweet time.  Most importantly, it has NOT BROKEN ME OUT!! In fact it does the opposite and calms the redness overnight for any monsters lurking to come out.

So if you’re not a picker then seriously this cream will definitely aid the healing process of those mean, life wrecking, confidence shattering spots. I’m sure it’s the avacado and the Manuka honey in it or maybe the fact that it adds moisture back to your skin for it to balance and focus on restoring itself is whats doing the job. Regardless, I’m sold and won’t be experimenting with night creams at all as I have found one that ticks all the boxes. I should add that simplifying my skin care, in may last year, has helped to begin with as now I use 3 things for day and night that have targeted benefits and are gentle enough to use everyday. This and the oil were introduced a little over 5 weeks ago and have replaced the products in my last step.

It is a bit pricey at £32.99 but it’s worth it considering it’s organic, has natural ingredients and actually delivers what it claims. As for the anti ageing properties I can’t vouch for its benefits yet but in the long run if this delays my crows feet or fine lines than I’ll know for sure. I bought mine from Lookfantastic and they usually have 15 if not 20 percent off . If you do give this a go then do let me know how you get on.

Till next post xx


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