Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid

Hello beauties!! I meantioned my skin care routine in the last post and so I thought I should elaborate on it a bit further for you all to get a better picture and review one very vital product I never skip on.

As I’ve mentioned I have sensitive skin that has episodes of Rosacea flare up (yes brown people can get it too,bummer) depending on how my body is feeling. If my hormones are acting up and I have not helped them by avoiding sugar, then my cheeks and chin flare up into this angry red bumpy war zone. Summer last year was the worst and that is what pushed me into investing in a chemical exfoliant. I had already tried my luck with glycolic acids (Alpha H) but it wasn’t doing much at all in terms of keeping my pores clean and skin calm. After a bit of research I stumbled upon Paula’s choice 2% BHA Liquid and decided to give it a go, I’ve not looked back since! This product has earned my faith, it’s this one thing I would take to a vacation up to the moon if I could. 

It’s main ingredient that works so well with my skin is the salicylic acid. Now you can google the difference between an AHA/BHA as there’s lots of good information around. But basically BHA works at a deeper level to clear out the gunk and keep your pores clear. 

It has stopped those awful clogged bumps you get usually in summer from the sweat and the makeup and everything we tend to smack on our faces for vanity. Even when I do breakout due to my awesome sugar lust, this contains them in size and within a few days I bid them farewell. This can be a tad bit drying but since I’ve incorporated the Devine face oil and the night cream I mentioned in my earlier posts, that’s not an issue anymore. I use this twice daily after cleansing with a mild cleanser, night and day. I try to stick to the routine and it’s been doing wonders in managing my skins temperament.

Now I didn’t see a change shortly after I started but it was rather a gradual but effective change over the period of 3 months. Seriously, this has to be my staple product and everything else works well because of this.  Try this over those harsher exfoliaters, it’s an easy step to add as well as it’s basically a toner. I got mine from Lookfantastic with a discount code so it wasn’t crazy expensive and plus it’s value for money as I still have half a bottle left even after using this twice a day for 8 months! 


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