Manuka Miracle 

Hello dearies.. I’ve been a bit lazy with the posts due to this crappy flu I’ve been struggling with so please accept my apologies.

Anyway, because I’ve been a bit unwell, my skin hasn’t been the best. It’s been dry, flaky and thanks to my crazy diet over the past week has had some minor breakouts on my cheeks (don’t we all just love skin issues). But I have stuck to my routine despite having zero energy at all. I realised my routine has been missing a feel good, glow enhancing, bringing my zombie skin back to life mask thingy. I remember doing a lot of DIY masks as I can’t seem to find one on the market that suits my sensitive acne prone skin.

So getting to the point before you snooze off reading this, I took a spoon and ceramic bowl and whipped up a Manuka honey/ turmeric mask! Simple as that, mix the two together and slap it on guys. I usually take a teaspoon full of Manuka honey and a quarter of a teaspoon of turmeric as it usually stains the skin. Now this has so many benefits I mean to mention a few, these ingredients are anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, moisturising, and helps heal those life ruining red marks left to tell the tale of your zits even way past their demise.

I leave it on for about 30- 45 minutes unless my toddler starts freaking out looking at me, in which case I run and wash that stuff off to calm them. But yeah I always find my skin calmer, softer and definitely glowing afterwards. I’m actually wearing the mask as I write this today as it is a weekend and I have no more chores left from the endless list of chores! I did this last weekend too and hopefully will keep doing it once a week as I do want to lighten my pigmentation and just you know do something natural and good for the skin in general.  Plus I eat a tablespoon every time I’m ill or struggling with minor coughs and colds too and it always makes me feel better.

I bought my honey from Holland & Barret on a penny sale btw!! Let me know if any of you have tried this little recipe and any other DIY ideas you have. Till next post, stay positive xx


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