Yay for Neem!

Hello dearies!! Hope you all are having a wonderful time with yourselves, family, hair, skin and everything else you care about. Today I write about a very unexpected find of mine that has honestly trumped my fears of soaps. Yes, you read it right, soaps! 

If you’ve read my past posts then you know I like to adhere to my skincare routine and because of the nature of my skin, shy away from trying new things. But trying a different cleanser has been on the to do list for a while since the Alpha H was alright but I just didn’t think it was making any difference to my skin. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very gentle and pleasant cleanser. I just wasn’t getting the wow factor once I’d wipe it off. So I’ve been doing some research about natural herbal remedies for cleansing and wasn’t too keen on going back to just oil cleansing (will write about that soon), and I stumbled upon the Neem remedy. 

I remembered having some neem oil concoction put into my hair when I was young as us Asians love oiling and caring for our hair but I hadn’t really seen anyone use it on their skin. So thanks to my curiosity, one thread led to another and another led to this and that article and so on and so forth. Enter, Neem soap. I was worried of trying soaps as in the past they have done nothing but dry my skin and I just didn’t want that tight dry feeling but only that clean and fresh bright look after you wash your face. Apparently neem is good for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis which I have on my hands so trying it out seemed like the way to go. It’s anti fungal, antibacterial and has natural insecticidal properties. 

I’ve Been using it for just about a month now twice a day for my face and though my fingers still have eczema, my face is not red anymore. The rosacea flares that I use to get didn’t happen this time around at that time of the month I had one, I repeat, one spot on my cheek and chin and they too weren’t angry at me for being a woman. Now I will say that it might be my hormones just being in check or whatever but I did satiate my sugar cravings with cakes and biscuits etc so I was expecting a whole lot of explosions this month but no, it was all actually OKAY. The rest of my routine is the same, my Paula’s choice exfoliant and antipodes Devine face oil for day and the pear night cream for night. This is the only change I’ve made and let me tell you for a fraction of a price of my alpha H cleanser too. 

The first time It felt a bit itchy after use which I realised was over my chin where I had healing spots. Also, this does have a very strong smell which I’m use to now but first timers, beware. Once I had moisturised that itchiness went away. I remember being afraid that I would break out from it or something else will go wrong but it didn’t. Day after day I started noticing the improvement. Even the days I wore makeup I didn’t get a spot or a clogged pore.  I still use my oils to remove makeup and then second cleanse with this. The clogged pores that I did have eventually came up and within days went away without scarring. I will reiterate that moisturising is important even if you’re oily.  Now I can’t say if it’s this soap that’s helped my old scars and blemishes or this new serum I’ve added (review that in a few weeks) but I have seen a major improvement. I’m sure it’s a combination of all the things I’m using as all of them have healing properties but since using this soap I do have a brighter look to my face. 

The brand I chose was Theraneem and it cost under £9 with delivery. Oh and I cut up like an inch thick slice from it to put in the soap dish instead of the whole bar, and I’m still not through so this whole bar of soap is going to last me at least 3 months with daily use. 

I bought some neem capsules to try for my eczema and will be using them soon. Will see if that will help as maybe an internal aid would be better for it then just an external. So guys give it a go, I mean it’s an inexpensive almost natural cleansing method which may be the answer to your skin woes. Till next time. 


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