The Ordinary charm! 

It’s been a while since I posted anything but I’ve been proper out of energy this past month and I apologise for being so absent to those who care. But I’m back with some brilliant review.

I’ve been using some really extraordinary products from deciem’s ordinary line and it just needs to be applauded. I mean dude who thought something so cheap could actually work. I mean the cosmetic and skincare companies have us thinking that only money can buy you good quality skin care and then comes this Ordinary brand with a sledgehammer and bashes that idea out of your head! I love it.

I bought products that I thought my skin needed like the Alpha Arbutin 2% for my PIH and niacinamide 10% for curiosity, their azaleic acid and magnesium ascorbate sulphate to try out and pure argon oil. I’ve been using alpha arbutin since May 4th and believe me initially I thought it’s meh but 4 weeks later the difference is amazing I feel so much more confident leaving the house without concealer! During this time however I had a change of diet and environment and my skin didn’t react well and I had few breakouts and that led me to using the niacinamide over the problem areas, and guys one drop of that over the spots or congested area made all the difference with in days. I’m serious I’m already ordering the alpha arbutin and niacinamide so I’m never out of them. I will add a before after photo of both sides of my face 3 1/2 weeks apart so guys be kind to me.

Pictures don’t really come out that clear it’s my iphones selfie camera but you can still see the improvements. My right side has always been a bit more problematic but it’s come a long way.

My routine is still the same with my neem soap and salicylic acid toner then the AA and niacinamide then my antipodes oil or cream for AM/PM.  I also bought their NIOD flavanone mud mask but I’ve only tried it thrice but it does give me the clean feel and any bumps waiting to erupt weirdly go away overnight.

As for the magnesium and Azaliec acid I haven’t really tested them properly to give you an honest review as honestly I can’t seem to figure out a way to incorporating them without overdoing it!

I got my ordinary products from ASOS! They are honestly the most affordable products I’ve used for my skin and I’m glad they delivered results.